• FAQ – Using Gen.IT

    So I’ve generated the configuration, now what?

    The configuration for each device is generated and displayed within Gen.IT. The actual application method depends on the device deployment method being used. You can use copy/paste to configure individual devices, or you can save the configurations to text files. The files can then be sent to the deployment vendor, or uploaded to the devices via tftp etc for installation.

    Can we generate ASA Site to Site VPN configuration in this software.

    Hi, It certainly can. Please download an example file from http://download.gen-it.net/Gen.IT_ASA-VPN.rar (The example files will be included in releases post 2.4.565)

    Extract it into the application folder and add it to Gen.IT by selecting it under the ‘Settings->Select Excel Data Files’

    This is an example based on the Cisco doc found here : http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/cloud-systems-management/configuration-professional/112153-ccp-vpn-asa-router-config-00.html

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