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    Please give me an example of how Gen.It has previously been used.

    Actual Use Case

    A legacy network spanning multiple data centres, with 500+ WAN and 30 MAN sites required updating.

    The network was upgraded to Multi VRF using Cisco / HP / H3C network equipment running MPLS & DMVPN’s + MPLS MAN. All network equipment at all sites was physically replaced and deployed with completely new configurations.

    Gen.IT was used to generate the configurations for all devices for WAN and MAN sites.

    Multiple spreadsheets were used, 1 for the MAN, 1 for the WAN, and one for the LAN.

    For the WAN and MAN devices, a single site was defined as a single row within the relevant spreadsheet. Excel lookup’s and the Gen.IT macro’s were used to calculate the relevant config values for the row. All values for sites were calculated, including BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, layer 3, layer 2, management, DMVPN hubs, security etc. In all, 170 templates and 250 variable’s were used.

    A single high availability site required the replacement of 650 variables to produce the configuration, including WAN, L2 switching, IP SLA, PKI, DMVPN etc.

    Now that the base work has been done, adding a new site is as simple as copying the row from a similar site and adding the site name and summary IP addresses to the spreadsheet.

    Actual Use Case

    A new site deployment required the configuration of 70 switches and 45 vlans. Gen.IT was able to use compound templates to generate the SVI’s and downlink port configs. The switch configurations and .ini files for SecureCrt were generated together based on templates.

    Actual Use Case

    BAU requires the generation of configuration files for new vlan’s, SVI’s, and base firewall policies. Lookup tables were defined with allowable information, and template configured. Generating the new configurations is not a 1 minute job, and they will always be correct!.

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