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    Born out of necessity, the Gen.IT configuration tool was developed over time but perfected during its implementation on a large scale project for a government organization.

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    Now, from the personal toolbox of the network specialist who developed the it, Gen IT is available to help administer networks worldwide.

    Main Features

    The following list is just some of the many features that have been integrated into the tool, with many more to come:

    • Ability to read in device configuration templates and a list of associated variables.
    • Quick handling and parsing of templates and variables to produce configuration files for any number of specific network devices.
    • Support for recursive templates with incrementing variables.
    • Ability to import data from multiple sets of templates and variables (e.g. Allowing for test and production environments)
    • Support for multiple customers within a set of templates and variables, making the tool ideal for service provider environments.
    • Templates and variables are specified in Microsoft Excel format.
    • Vendor Agnostic – Support for all popular brands of network equipment, such as Cisco Systems and H3C, Juniper.
    • Easy to use GUI.

    The Gen IT config tool is an invaluable component for any network roll-out, small, medium or large.

    What needs to be in place first to use Gen.IT

    • An IT engineer to identify requirements, build the templates, identify the variables, and input this information into a spreadsheet (as required  as preliminary preparation in any network deployment).
    • Using Gen.IT will mean you only need to do this once. And that is where the magic happens. …. After the initial work is complete, additional configurations can be generated with ease, and with 100% accuracy.
    • Gen.IT only reads Excel. Samples are provided as part of the application installation. Try it the demo for FREE.
    • Purchase Gen.IT and change the way you build your network configurations today!

    Excel was chosen as the data store due to the spread-sheeting capabilities inherent with Excel. These capabilities allow for the creation of complex formulas which can be used to populate variable data fields.  Excel functions such lookup tables, drop down boxes, text manipulation, and custom macro’s can all be used. Excel spreadsheets can also be edited by multiple users within an enterprise network at the same time. Gen.IT will monitor the spreadsheet and notify all end users when changes are saved. Once the initial templates and variables have been created and populated, creating a new switch configuration, or the configuration of an entire network, can be done simply by duplicating a row in spreadsheet. The Gen.IT installation includes a number of example files which can be easily modified and customized for you use.