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    **** Gen.IT v3 will be released shortly ****

    The Gen.IT network configuration generator tool is

    • The ultimate tool for a serious business for managing small, medium and large-scale network deployments
    • Allows for thousands of device configurations to be created and managed with ease and increased efficiency.
    • Since 2010, Gen.IT has been used internationally for multiple large scale networks (corporate and government sites).


    What do you think your competitors are using to generate their configurations? Why do things the hard, slow way and run the risk of errors?

    Gen.IT is proven to provide excellent Return On Investment and Value For Money .

    What does Gen.IT do?

    • Save time! More than 5000 man hours were saved on just one project using this tool.
    • Generates configurations for countless devices prior to deployment in minutes.
    • Essential management tool for post-deployment configuration changes and ongoing maintenance.
    • Reduce typo’s and inevitable errors when dealing with large scale deployments and/or repetitive tasks.
    • Gen.IT is far more than a scripting tool. It gives you a real world view of the configurations before they are applied to the network.


    Optimize efficiency and assure consistency with Gen.IT…… in a time-pressured, competitive industry where mistakes can take down systems – you can’t really afford not to!

    Advantages of the Gen.IT Configuration utility

    • Generate configurations for multiple devices as the same time, even within a multi-vendor environments.
    • No need to manually calculate 1oo’s or 1000’s of IP addresses, Gen.IT does it for you.
    • Increase productivity of technical personnel, allowing them to quickly and efficiently deploy or re-configure network architectures.
    • Ensure configuration consistency across a large number of network devices.
    • Gen.IT is light-weight and can be run from almost any Windows based machine.
    • Using Gen.IT forces the consolidation of configuration templates and ensures consistent configuration across your entire network.
    • No requirement to give Gen.IT access to the network  (Gen IT is not a network monitoring tool).
    • Does not require expensive back-end infrastructure (It does not actively backup device configurations).
    • Gen.IT works with equipment from a number of network vendors.

    Gen.IT is ideal for

    • Supporting large-scale network roll outs such as WAN router or switch deployments.
    • Upgrading and supporting the re-configuration of existing network devices.
    • Streamlining processes, ultimately saving time and money.
    • Simplifying repetitive configuration tasks.
    • Generating configurations for individual switches, routers or entire sites in bulk.

    How does Gen.IT do this?

    • User created templates and data variables are entered into an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Gen.It reads this information from the spreadsheet and combines the templates and variables into useable configuration files.
    • The configurations can then be saved as a text file, ready to be copied to a network device.


    Download Gen.IT here to see some real world examples of what Gen.IT can do for you!

    New Release! Gen.IT now has full support for CIDR use within templates!


    Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Using GenIT has allowed us to standardize a large number of deployments. Our configurations are very complex and sometimes lengthy and GenIT has really helped us get a handle on that.Intrado, USA

    “We transitioned to it shortly after talked last time and have been using it for all of our production config gens. It has cut off some serious time in getting the configurations out.” John @ Carrols.com

     “800 DMVPN sites deployed without a single configuration error, thanks.” Paul, USA

    “Stonking Product !! Every now and again you come across a product which makes you think I wish I had this years ago. This is definitely one of those. If you are doing more than a handful of network device configurations this is a must for your tool kit. If you are doing very large deployments, I would say it is essential”. Arthur, BT.com, UK

    “I love what I have seen of your product so far.  I think it will really help us streamline our deployments and significantly reduce errors”. Tony, USA: